I was born on May 23, 1941 in Amsterdam and started painting and drawing at a very young age. But from 1964 Iwas working in the Healthcare. First as a nurse, later I was sitting in the board of directors of a psychiatric hospital. In the meantime, I attended various schools such as the Famous Artist School, the Art Academe Ruudt Wackers in Amsterdam, and a post academic year of the Free Academe Haarlem. And I followed various types of master classes of Sam Drukker, Bert Oosinga, Maarten Welbergen, Kirsten Geisler, who are well-known artists. They taught me painting in a Dutch way.
All this influenced my work very much.

My paintings tells stories about landscapes, persons and myself.
Often, I am fascinated by the human hand in the landscape and nature.

I feel like a passer-by, which sees the world in a different view.
If you look to my paintings from a distance, you can see the end, which suggests a new end. The inaccessibility that doesn' t show will sometimes show clearly in the present.
By my colors you can taste the sphere and the spot area of the landscape.
In my paintings of towns, like Los Angeles, there is anonymity.
There is loneliness that is inevitable. A world without contact. And I see the suffering of humans.

I make my own colours from not adulterate pigment.
The pigments are from paintingmill
"De Kat" near Zaandam in the Netherlands..

From 2008 I edit photo's and make digital paintings by computer.

My inspiration is my fascination. An translation from realism to abstract and upside down. And the colour shows the meaning of all my paintings.

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